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The oral presentations, Q&A sessions and poster sessions will be streamed live through the conference platform and will afterwards be made available there via “streaming on demand”. During Q&A sessions, questions can be posted live in the chat.


All posters can virtually be visited throughout the conference. A dedicated poster session will provide the opportunity to get in touch and discuss.


For collecting feedback at the end of each session we will use the cloud-based application Mentimeter ( This tool allows us to increase interactivity in this digital conference format since all participants can follow the live update of the results. The quiz session on the first evening will also run on mentimeter. You do not need any account or registration, simply visit and type in the code provided for each session. For details on Mentimeter's information and data protection policy, please refer to their official website:



Tutorial for Attendees

Please click here to download the PDF document with the instructions for attendees.



Tutorial for Chairs and Speakers

Please click here to download the PDF document with the instructions for chairs and speakers.


During your Q&A session, you may want to use the virtual background with the conference branding in Zoom. Please download it here and refer to the instructions here on "Using Virtual Background" at the end of the page.



Imprint & Data Protection

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Dates and Deadlines

Deadline of full papers: April 23, 2021
CPV-17: April 12-14, 2021


E-mail:  info(at)

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