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Kenneth Schmieder, US Naval Research Laboratory:

"Five Junction Microscale Concentrator Photovoltaics for Terrestrial and Space Applications"

At the US Naval Research Laboratory since 2013, Kenneth manages a research portfolio that includes high-performance photovoltaics, laser power beaming, engineered substrates, and neurophotonics. Dr. Schmieder has epitaxially grown, fabricated, micro-transfer printed, and characterized solar cells that are among the highest performers in literature, including mechanically stacked 5-junction devices achieving 44.5% terrestrial and 35.5% AM0 concentrator cell efficiencies.

He has been the recipient of NRL’s Edison Memorial Fellowship (2020) and Karles Fellowship (2016), and had previously been awarded an NRC Postdoctoral Fellowship to begin his career at NRL (2013, National Research Council). Kenneth received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Delaware in 2013, where he received the Bill N. Baron Fellowship for excellence in photovoltaic Ph.D. research. Kenneth is also currently pursuing an M.S. in Applied Biomedical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University, with a focus in neuroengineering.


Scheduled: Monday, April 12, 13:30

Daniel Costa, Fusion-Fuel, Portugal:

"HCPV Module with direct coupled PEM electrolyser for green hydrogen generation"

Scheduled: Wednesday, April 14, 12:30

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